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Key Box with Finger Vein Authentication

FDV-KL series

  • Keys can be lent out/returned safely and simply with Finger Vein Authentication.
  • The tray for returning the key automatically comes out when the key ring (RF tag) is read with the reader.

Main Specification

Storage capacity 100Keys (Upgradable by 25 key unit)
Registration capacity 1000 Persons
Key Control System Storage Position Control with RF tag
History Log 10,000 Events
Power Source AC 100V-240V
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Main Specification

External Interface LAN (10/100Base-T)
Finger Vein Authentication Speed Within 1 sec. After identification of finger vain (with 100 registrants)
Authorized person rejection rate 0.01%
Non-authorized person acceptance rate 0.0001%
Finger Vein Registration Capacity 500 persons (with two fingers per person)
History Log 10,000 events
Power Source AC Adapter (AC100-240V、 DC24V、1.9A)
Ambient Temperature -15 to 50 degrees C
Ambient Humidity 20% to 80% (No dew condensation)
Ambient Brightness Up to 20,000Lux (No direct irradiation on finger with Sun light)
Dimensions H285×W130× D111
Weight(cable not included) 1980g
Accessories Wall attachment base (440g)
Registration / Control software
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